You're Some Kind of Wonderful

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

On Saturday the 15th of June I had the privilege of capturing this beautiful wedding. Let's just say I had a hard time choosing which photos to put into this sneak peek because there were so many phenomenal photos.

I was just about finished preparing my pour-over coffee when I looked through the window blinds to see what state the weather was going to be for us today. It was already a hot one without a cloud in the sky. Another reason why I love shooting weddings in Okanagan, BC.

Half past nine in the morning I set off to meet the Bride, her bridesmaids and family at a beautiful house up Silver Star road in Vernon, BC. Soon as I arrived I could feel the energy and excitement of the morning rising. The bride was getting her hair and makeup done while the bridesmaids helped each other get ready. Everything was bustling.

The Brides mother was the sweetest. So much love and care was put into making sure everything was running smoothly and on time. Down to the last detail, everything was in its rightful place.

The moment where the mother of the bride does the special honour of making sure the dress is done up to perfection is one I never get over.

The bridal party decided it was time to eat something so the all agreed on pizza! Poor Bride was so full of nerves she could hardly eat but finally managed to have some. I really didn't mind sneaking a couple slices too!

With a full belly, I was off to meet up with the groomsmen. These guys have been friends for years and you could tell. Lots of laughter in between the more serious moments. Jordan quickly transferred his written vows from his phone to paper. The excitement and reality of what blessings today had for him were quickly starting to sink in.

Just like that, we were off to the venue for both the ceremony and reception. They decided to pick this rural property out in Falkland, BC that worked as a perfect canvas for them to create an intimate, rustic ceremony that was completely their own. It was full of personal touches. A vintage wooden table was set up for the gifts, DIY wedding decor galore, and a timeless upright piano planted amidst the grass along with other string instruments to accompany it. I can honestly say this was one of the prettiest wedding I've ever shot.

There wasn't one dry eye after their personal vows were shared. Their love for one another was felt as you watched them pour out their hearts to each other.

They did it!

Since we were already in such a fun wedding location, it made it easy to wrangle up some cool shots to try out. Having a super photogenic group always helps too!

Look at these two! They make my job seem effortless.

Now for one of my favourite parts of the day. Being able to play around with this vintage truck that was exceptional. Something about a vintage truck makes it easy to capture a timeless and rustic feel. That's what they were going for, so they nailed it!

Isn't this an incredible cake? Work of art, I tell you.

Man, was time going by fast. It felt like I blinked and it was time for the reception. The set up was absolutely spectacular. From the rows of wooden picnic tables, strung up lights crisscrossing above us, handmade cutlery holders with your name handwritten on it, to the eclectic vintage sofas placed sporadically amongst the wooden chairs. This reception was something special and they knew it.

Did I mention they had breakfast for dinner on the menu? I'm telling you, they had everything from eggs benedict to pancakes with fruit compote and the works. Not to mention the endless fresh fruit and bacon! Gumtree Catering truly outdid themselves.

The Bride and and Groom were just about ready to leave for their honeymoon to Hawaii, so I had one last favour to ask of them. I had everyone gather around, making room for the newlyweds to drive through and say a final farewell to their friends and family. In that spectacular truck I wish was at every wedding.

This wedding was something else. It's one that I'll never forget and I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to capture it. Thank you for taking the time to check out this wedding sneak peek! Until next time...