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A beautiful Rustic Themed Wedding in Vernon B.C

On Saturday the 15th of June I had the privilege of capturing this beautiful wedding. Let's just say I had a hard time choosing which photos to put into this sneak peek because there were so many phenomenal photos.

I was just about finished preparing my pour-over coffee when I looked through the window blinds to see what state the weather was going to be for us today. It was already a hot one without a cloud in the sky. Another reason why I love shooting weddings in Okanagan, BC.

Half past nine in the morning I set off to meet the Bride, her bridesmaids and family at a beautiful house up Silver Star road in Vernon, BC. Soon as I arrived I could feel the energy and excitement of the morning rising. The bride was getting her hair and makeup done while the bridesmaids helped each other get ready. Everything was bustling.

The Brides mother was the sweetest. So much love and care was put into making sure everything was running smoothly and on time. Down to the last detail, everything was in its rightful place.

The moment where the mother of the bride does the special honour of making sure the dress is done up to perfection is one I never get over.

The bridal party decided it was time to eat something so the all agreed on pizza! Poor Bride was so full of nerves she could hardly eat but finally managed to have some. I really didn't mind sneaking a couple slices too!

With a full belly, I was off to meet up with the groomsmen. These guys have been friends for years and you could tell. Lots of laughter in between the more serious moments. Jordan quickly transferred his written vows from his phone to paper. The excitement and reality of what blessings today had for him were quickly starting to sink in.