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A Soon to be Wedding. Vernon BC

I'm back again with another stunning engagement shoot! I was particularly stoked on how gorgeous these turned out. Especially considering that about an hour before I met up with this couple it was full on thundering and raining cats and dogs. Well, not literal cats and dogs. That would have been terrifying. You know what I mean.

Am I the only one who cannot get enough of these two? They were both so full of warmth and love for one another, it was contagious. It can be felt through the photos!

I decided to take them up to this little hidden trail close to the Allen Brooks Nature Centre in Vernon, BC. The Okanagan is full of photoshoot gems, and this little piece of untouched forest is of no exception.

I love having the opportunity to do an engagment shoot before the actual wedding. It gives me a real chance to get to know the couple as individuals behind the camera. Now I'm even more excited to shoot their actual wedding!

There you have it, another update! Thank you for taking the time to look through these and stay tuned for their wedding sneak peek coming this fall! Until next time...