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A beautiful Wedding in backyard in Vernon BC

I suppose September has snuck into everyone's lives again.

If I had to rate which season is the most sneaky at arriving, I would have to say it's September, closely followed by my Birthday in November.  It always seems to creep up and start and end before I know it. This spring, summer and fall have been so much different than any I've ever had before, having a baby changes everything. You have that list in your head of the never ending things that need to get done. You watch your finances like crazy even though you're doing just fine. You enjoy every minute alone but at the same time love every minute more when you have the day off to spend with your family. 

If someone were to ask me, 'what's the biggest thing that I've taken away or noticed from this year?', I would have to respond with, and get's cheesy. To take a second and enjoy what is happening now, not tomorrow or what happened yesterday but to look around and just take everything in. Our daughter Elliot is already 8 months old on the 20th, and it happened so incredibly fast. All though the first 3 months took forever. I would have to say to accurately describe it is kind of like raising an alarm clock but the snooze button is broken, and you have to walk this alarm clock around a lot. Yes, I know the way I'm wording this is probably raising some questions but really, I am a loving parent!  After that 3 month mark it's been the most amazing experience I've been blessed to have. Jessica and I get to see this baby grow up with all of her likes and dislikes, we get to smile and laugh at and with our little girl.  I tease her far too much at her expense, but some opportunities are too hard to pass up.

My dad told me something a long time ago that really stuck with me, think of the moments that have really meant a lot to you. It wasn't driving your nice car to work or using your 600-dollar phone. It was the time you spent with people, those are your greatest moments and the most memorable. 

Anyways, I could write far more but if you've read this far you are probably one of those people that have the mindset of "Well, I read this far, I might as well finish it."

I'm not one of those people..thank you facebook.

Above and below you can see the the rings. I always get so nervous around this part. What if I lose them and I somehow can't find them in the grass? I have similar thoughts walking around with the wedding dress too. Basically impossible, but the mind wonders.

Below you can see the men getting ready. I would say in just about every situation the men are done in about 10 minutes. This gives ample time to laugh and joke around.

A sense of exciting starts to build below and the bride has her dress done up. These are personally parts of weddings I looked forward too.

Life is too short to take it seriously so you must dress up and take photos. I can't tell you how fun these two were.