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Backyard Wedding in Vernon BC

Hello again friends! It indeed has been an interesting past few months. I was very thankful to have the privilege to skip out on some monotony and be a part of this photo shoot. This couple had originally planned their wedding for June but because of the current events, they decided to postpone their big day and instead do this cute little pre-wedding date photoshoot just for the heck of it.

They had a smaller replica of what their original idea a wedding cake was supposed to be, and I thought it was absolutely gorgeous.

There was a special beverage laid out for them to partake between sweet written vows to promise of a wedding to come when the timing is right.

And of course, a red cherry flavoured ring pop seals the deal. I really loved how simple and intimate this occasion was for them as they shared this moment.

Time to dig in to this glorious cake!

Needless to say, they enjoyed it! I think this event was a hit.