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Engagement shoot with Puppies is my favourite

Hello again! I cannot believe how quickly fall has approached us this year. Did you know that next Thursday is already Halloween? It's really crept upon us.

In the spirit of Halloween, I was pretty stoked to share with all of you this awesome goth-inspired engagement shoot I had the privilege of doing. This couple was the best. They had a vision in mind that was something I was eager to play around with. The finished look is a bit darker, a little out of my norm but fun nonetheless!

We decided to walk through a bit of a trail in Armstrong, BC so that we could hit a thick patch of forest. The trees were absolutely stunning and made for some natural-gloom that was perfect for what we were going for. Their dogs loved the outside time too!

It's really great to be pushed out of your comfort zone a bit and with this shoot, I was. The couple was fun and easy to get along with and you could tell the love that was between them, so they made the learning easy!

There you have it, folks! Thanks for taking the time to look at this engagement shoot sampler. I have a few other engagement shoots and weddings coming up in the new year so keep checking back. Until next time...

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