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An O'Keefe Ranch wedding photography sneak peak.

Hey friends! I'm back with another wedding sampler and I think you're all going to really love this one. This time we headed out to O'Keefe Ranch in Okanagan, BC for a beautiful laid back wedding. The couple kept it wonderfully simple, surrounded by their closest friends and family.

The bridal party took their time to get ready, enjoying a glass of wine in between taking turns doing one another's hair and makeup. Emotions were elevating as time went on. A mixture of anxiousness and excitement, which is to be expected!

Professional hairstylist for this wedding, a close friend had the pleasure of doing the bride's hair and I think it looked absolutely stunning.

As per usual, the groomsmen were done and ready to go in no time!

So it left some time for a proper toast to start off the day.

Just like that, we're off to the ceremony!

The day was bright with sun, so finding a shadier place for some formals proved to be a little challenging, but we did it! They turned out fantastic.