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Engagement Shoot at Turtle Mountain

Yet again, fall is here. Which happens to be my most favourite season. It's when the young green leaves grow old into shades of burnt orange and crimson. When you're often greeted with a slight film of frost on your car roof first thing in the morning. The chill once the sun sets causes you to pull your loved one closer. It's the perfect time for a couple's shoot.

My good friend Tony and his girlfriend Hailey and I headed out for this fun impromptu shoot around 4pm on Sunday afternoon. Lucky for us, it was slightly overcast, making it the perfect conditions for an autumn-feel outdoor session. Neither of them had done this sort of thing in a while so at first it was a lot of catching up and laughing to get things more comfortable. They were absolute naturals once we got going!

Oh, the nervousness of new love. It was amazing to snap some more candid shots of them goofing around and enjoying each other's company. The photos speak for themself.

I still can't get over how absolutely stunning Vernon, BC is. As I venture out doing more and more of these shoots, I really begin to recognize the natural beauty that's just in our backyard.

I loved how open these two were to me experimenting with different poses, getting used to hand placement within this session. It's easy to allow your brain to overcomplicate these things. It's all about bringing what's unique about that couple out to the forefront and just allow the chemistry to speak for itself through the photos.

We just had an absolute blast during this couple's shoot! There's something about autumn that is just so warm and inviting, you can't miss the chance to go out there and take advantage of that backdrop.

Thank you so much for taking the time to look through my update! Keep tune for more postings!

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