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I love Surprise Engagement Shoots in Vernon!

If you haven't already gathered, I'm a sucker for couple's shoots. But this one is different. I'm not too good at keeping secrets so I'll get right to it. My dear friends of 8 years have officially gotten engaged! Man, I can't wait to get into how this all played out.

To anyone who knows me on any sort of personal level knows that Dylan and I have been what I would consider best friends for nearly a decade. Being a part of this whole experience has been incredibly exciting for me.

It all started a couple weeks ago. Dylan dropped by for a quick visit early afternoon with a smile that went ear to ear. Right away I knew something was up. Low and behold he pulls out this beautiful ring that screamed Danielle on all levels. He was really going to do it! My wife Jessica, being good friends with both of them as well, heard what was going on and took a look at the ring and just filled up with excitement. Just like that we all conspired on how to lovingly trick Danielle into one of the most thoughtful proposals I've heard of.

We planned for a typical autumn photoshoot. To Danielle, this was going to be an opportunity for Jessica to do up her hair, and have her and Dylan get dressed up for an impromptu shoot but it was so much more.

The best part of the whole thing is that Danielle didn't suspect a thing. Her and Jessica even went on to talk about weddings while they were doing hair before the shoot. It was so tough for Jessica to keep her mouth shut.

Dylan on the other hand was a total mixture of excitement and anxiousness. He happened to have the day off and found it hard to find things to do to distract him. He ended making pretzel dough that didn't turn out just in case you were curious. Some people have shots of whiskey when they're nervous, Dylan bakes. And fails.

We set off to do the shoot much later than I intended. I don't know why I thought there would be ample time to get the perfect late afternoon shots with how quick the sunsets now, but we made it work. It was a beautiful sun-filled day with the right amount of overcast. Gosh, I love the colour of our fall here in the Okanagan.

You can just see it captured here the wonderful history these two share. Coming up on 8 years is already an amazing feat.

That initial reaction and moment shared between these two once Dylan got down on one knee and pulled out that ring was absolutely beyond words. I am so thankful that I was able to be there to capture this.

Such a beautiful ring, right?! Dylan did good!